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Play Golf? Want to WIN?
“Then Learn to PUTT Like A Pro!”

Have You Ever Learnt To Putt Properly?


(That's ALL There Is To It)

Sounds Easy? It Is If You Know How!

But if you don't know, putting can easily destroy your score and it IS the difference between winning and losing.

*** Let A TOUR PRO Show You

EXACTLY How It's Done !****

OR will you just guess?

The easiest part of golf to improve is undoubtedly PUTTING.

Putting does not require any great physical attributes, almost anyone can become a good putter, a reasonable amount of co-ordination, the right knowledge, a bit of experience, a desire to transform your putting and a bit of practice is all that’s needed. Sounds easy, well it is really, I will even go as far to say that after reading this entire e-book the knowledge you will gain will make you a better putter, even without practicing, but if you do practice, your putting will improve beyond even your own expectations.

I would suggest if you follow the order as it is presented to you, and you practice for just a few hours so that you fully understand the basics, your putting will be transformed for the rest of your life, after that it’s up to you, one hour per week of very specific practice and the correct pre match preparation will see you enjoying putting like never before, you will be the envy of everyone you play with, no matter what the rest of your game is like you will be revered for your putting prowess……. Honestly, no kidding.

I don’t want you to be disappointed so if you just want the latest “Tip” or “Quick Fix”, this is not for you. This e-book is for anyone who seriously wants to improve their putting for the rest of their lives, it’s like riding a bike once you’ve learnt you’ll never forget, but Tips and Quick Fixes are here today and gone tomorrow.

“Professional Tour Players
Do Not Give Away Secrets”
If you had an advantage would you give it to your competition?

The Only Reason I am divulging this information now is to cover some of my tour expenses.

I am a professional tour player.

At European Tour Qualifying School I missed a stage cut by one shot, when I analysed my rounds I had over 20 putts lip the hole and not drop, not to mention the ones that came up short or rolled past, the rest of my game was pretty solid but my putting had to improve.

I tried to find a specialist putting coach, not a pro that taught putting but a real specialist putting coach, the only ones in the UK were too far away and very expensive. I HAD TO SORT IT OUT MYSELF, which was a blessing in disguise because I went right back to basics and I learnt so much more that way, now I'm passing the knowledge on to YOU!

After 3 months of really hard work I improved my putting average by just over 2 putts per round. (At professional level this is a massive margin).

With this performance level I would have won the qualifying stage instead of missing the cut.

Everything I did to make the improvement is contained in the e-book.

Plus some really good practice aids, FREE!

This e-book did not come out of some EUREKA moment, it’s the culmination of seven years hard work.


I will show you MY set-up and swing mechanics, the things that work for me, however the e-book is not primarily concerned with set-up and swing mechanics, or fiddling about with your grip it's about getting the ball into the hole.

Most golfers putting stroke is fine (maybe needs a little fine tuning!!) but they get tied up with other things that prevents them holing the ball.

Putting should be simple there are only two things you have to do to get the ball in the hole.


First   We need to establish the best speed for the ball to go into the hole. (In the e-book)

Second    I will show you how to accurately control the distance the ball is rolled so it arrives at the hole at optimum speed.

Third   I will show you how to read greens, so you can stroke the ball in the right direction .

Who is this e-book for?

It is for anyone who genuinely wants to improve their putting.

It contains all the information you need to make you the best putter you can be. I’m not telling you that you can hole every putt or never three putt. Even Tiger Woods has the occasional mishap, but this e-book will transform your putting. For the cost of a couple of lessons you will have an essential reference manual that you will be able to refer to for the rest of your life. Most players forget what they did in a lesson within a couple of weeks and revert back to their old ways because they never take notes.

I play with amateurs socially at my home club. Many of them make improvements to their games and have a couple of good rounds, maybe they had a lesson or someone gave them a good tip, but I have noticed that when I play with them a few weeks later they have usually fallen back into bad habits, because they do not make the improvements PERMANENT.

This usually happens because they do not fully understand WHY they are doing a particular thing. When someone understands WHY they do something they are much more likely to retain the information, so I have been as concise as possible.

The e-book contains over 130 photographs and many quality diagrams.

PRO’S DO NOT LEAVE PUTTING TO CHANCE. The relationship between pace and line is crucial, no guesswork.I’m sorry but you will not learn how to putt in five minutes. “If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well”, so with the right knowledge and a little effort you can do the job well. This e-book is full of solid information you will not find anywhere else.

When I started writing the e-book I was told, “over-deliver”, so I’ve tried to.



I practice putting for 2 hours per day, it’s my job, I understand that most players have limited practice time. (I know you’d rather be playing).
I’ve included what I consider the best, most time effective practice routines and some terrific practice aids, which give you great visual feedback.
You will see how these two balls and the tee peg will improve your ball striking.

BONUSES Not the usual e-book bonuses !!!
Do you really want another $1,000 worth of FREE e-books? (which you would probably never read anyway) …….

I would like to offer you something very different:

As I can only play with one set of clubs.

Everyone that registers for the e-mail newsletter, will be eligible to enter their name into a one-off draw for the equipment I play my first European Tour Event with.

Tour Bag Irons Woods Putter Umbrella
Towel Tees 1 Dozen Balls Yardage Book

The equipment shown on this page is my current playing kit and may not be the same equipment I play my first European Tour Event with, so it is therefore only for illustration purposes. Further details via newsletter.

Play with me in a Pro-Am, in Spain or Portugal. Between Nov 2008 & March 2009.

During the winter months I try to get some warm weather golf, in Spain or Portugal. There are many pro-ams, so through the newsletter you can enter to be drawn to accompany me on one of the trips.

I will allocate places for THREE winners and 1 guest each. (SIX places in total). Usually about 5 days golf.

All accommodation plus golf and entry fees will be paid for, but flights, food and DRINK will be excluded.

Full details will be included in the newsletter.

Two days of PUTTING LESSONS with me.

Forget the rest…… I know this is the one you'll want to win! 

I'll organise two two-day putting courses, for twelve subscribers and 1 guest each, (24 places total). Enter draw through newsletter.

We'll have lessons in the mornings and play in the afternoons.

Full details will be included in the newsletter.

To be eligible for any of the bonuses you will agree to your name and photographic images being used for promotional purposes. For obvious financial reasons the “Major” bonus and the “Pro-am” bonus will be subject to a minimum of 1000 direct sales of this e-book. There will be no time limit so if I make “The Open” in five years time the bonus offer will still stand for all newsletter subscribers at the time of qualification.

The videos have been included so you can see I'm not just another amateur with a “Hot Tip” or “Quick Fix”. The e-book is packed with solid information that will enable you to hole out with confidence and by accurately controlling the distance of your long putts you'll stop wasting shots on the greens.

I do not make outrageous claims that you'll become a great putter in five minutes, you'll need to read the e-book to understand the principles, they're simple and straight forward, they make putting far easier.

Distance control is absolutely paramount to good putting and I guarantee no one will give you a method as accurate as illustrated in this e-book. Regular Pro's do not have the time or inclination to thoroughly research and teach putting to this level, very few players go for “putting lessons”, so the Pro's concentrate on teaching golf swings…..but to Tour Pro's this is bread and butter.

As I said at the top “Tour Pro's Do Not Give Their Secrets Away”, this e-book will only be available for a short time, until my tour costs are covered. (I don't really want all MY COMPETITION getting this information).

More than just an e-book…

The VIDEO LESSON SITE is a private members site, which is available to newsletter subscribers. Membership WILL BE LIMITED due to website bandwidth restrictions. Please accept that this offer may be withdrawn without notice. (Video production is both time consuming and expensive. I will aim to get two new lessons per month recorded until all the e-book is covered).

My promise to you……

Today there is so much information available about golf, much of it is conflicting and confusing. “Putting to WIN” is packed with sound putting advice, presented in a professional manner.......“I will endeavour to produce quality video lessons to accompany the e-book”.

The reason things are FREE or cheap is usually because they are not worth very much, a fair price for this e-book is $147 (still only the cost of a few putting lessons). For a very limited period the “Putting to WIN” e-book will be available at the LAUNCH price of $77 (approx £38 ).

I am so confident you will be absolutely delighted and I am very happy to give you a full 100% money back guarantee of satisfaction.


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